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How to shape sheet metal parts?

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, sheet metal chassis has been widely used in all aspects of our life, but at the same time, because the role of sheet metal chassis is very important, the processing of sheet metal chassis is relatively strict. We can only fully understand the various processes involved and…

Sheet metal forgings and its welding

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For many sheet metal processing, because a lot of processing needs to be done for sheet metal parts, especially in the cooling process of parts, the type, cooling performance and hardenability of quenching medium in sheet metal processing are related to deformation. The change of cooling performance can be adjusted by changing the viscosity, temperature,…

How to judge the quality of laser cutting sheet metal parts?

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Roughness. The laser cutting section will form vertical lines, and the depth of the lines determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The shallower the lines, the smoother the cutting section. Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, but also affects the friction characteristics. In most cases, it needs to be reduced as…


CAD software design sheet metal parts

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Compared with real objects (solid forms), sheet metal parts are mostly made by 2D models using operations such as bending, stamping and welding. Because sheet metal design is very different from solid modeling, design engineers using software must integrate some provisions in the design. This will enable the manufacturer to properly convert the programmed model…

Oxidation of sheet metal Case

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Sheet metal processing description no matter what kind of chassis sheet metal processing is exposed to the air for a long time, it will be contaminated with dust, or oxidation, and become less bright. Do we have measures to deal with this situation of sheet metal chassis? Or how should we maintain the sheet metal…

Basic structure of sheet metal cabinet

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Infrastructure some operators’ outdoor communication cabinets generally have cabinet air conditioners, fan components, oil engine interface modules, switching power supplies, battery packs, communication transmission equipment, intelligent distribution units, lead-acid battery packs, rectifier modules, lighting devices, cabinet supports and other infrastructure. In order to realize the remote maintenance and supervision of the cabinet, the dynamic ring…


Aluminum sheet metal cabinet

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Sheet metal parts are often used as baffles on aluminum profile cabinets, which have good anti-collision performance, solid and beautiful. Many customers have a question: how are the sheet metal parts on the aluminum profile cabinet installed? Why does it look like a whole structure without seeing the accessories for connection? This is because the…

Sheet metal processing process elements

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Sheet metal processing is bound to develop with the development trend of social development. Nowadays, it seems that sheet metal processing is in vogue. Whether it is sheet metal chassis or car tools and abrasives, it must exist. Sheet metal processing is an indispensable manufacturing industry in today’s metal material manufacturing industry, and it has…

Cold forming

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Cold bending has the advantages of high material utilization, short delivery time (it takes time to debug the mold, and the adjustment speed is amazing), high cost performance, easy and efficient composite processing (pre punching, cutting, welding, tapping and riveting are integrated into one line, reducing the inventory and switching time of secondary processing), low…

Processing surface treatment of equipment chassis shell

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The surface treatment of the workpiece shall be carried out after the bending, riveting and other processes are completed. The surface treatment methods of different plates are different. Generally, the surface of the cold plate is electroplated after processing. After electroplating, spraying treatment is not carried out. Instead, phosphating treatment is adopted, followed by spraying…

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