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Why are Aluminum Welds Weak?

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(1) The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum and aluminum alloys is about twice that of carbon steel and low-alloy steel. Aluminum solidification volume shrinkage rate is larger, the deformation and stress of the welded parts, therefore, the need to take measures to prevent welding deformation. Aluminum welding pool solidification is prone to shrinkage, shrinkage,…

Why do Hardware Products need to be Sprayed Processing?

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Hardware spray processing is a hardware surface treatment of a name, the surface of the product spray processing is an important link, start thinking of the role of decoration, but it is more important one is that it looks to protect to the product, so that the product is not easy to rust, grinding resistance,…

What are the Specific Requirements for Sheet Metal Shell Processing Materials?

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One of the more commonly used materials in sheet metal shell processing technology is galvanized steel, or SECC for short, which is actually a general cold rolled steel coil that is transformed into a galvanized product after degreasing, pickling, plating and various post-treatment processes in successive galvanized production lines. Weldability: Many sheet metal parts are…