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Why should Sheet Metal Cabinet Processing be Stamping?

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Like our daily life, we often see various standard and non-standard cabinets, industrial control boxes and cabinets, network cabinets, integrated wiring cabinets, server cabinets, control cabinets, electrical cabinets, power cabinets, power cabinets, distribution boxes/cabinets, shielding cabinets, fire cabinets, waterproof cabinets, fireproof cabinets, operating consoles, screen walls, all kinds of general cabinets and other cabinet products,…

Why are Aluminum Welds Weak?

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(1) The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum and aluminum alloys is about twice that of carbon steel and low-alloy steel. Aluminum solidification volume shrinkage rate is larger, the deformation and stress of the welded parts, therefore, the need to take measures to prevent welding deformation. Aluminum welding pool solidification is prone to shrinkage, shrinkage,…