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What are the Methods of Anodizing Aluminum Profiles?

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Aluminum profile hardening treatment is currently widely used in some conventional oxidation methods such as sulfuric acid oxidation method, oxalic acid oxidation method and chromic acid oxidation method . Firstly, porcelain oxidation: mainly using chromic acid, boric acid and potassium titanium oxalate as electrolytes, with high voltage and high temperature for electrolytic treatment. Its film…

What are the Factors to Consider for Aluminum Sheet Selection?

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Hardness and strength: Many customers are very concerned about hardness and strength when buying aluminum sheet, aluminum sheet as an important factor that should be considered when its composition, pressure should be selected according to the specific needs of the appropriate alloy. Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance includes student chemical structure corrosion, stress corrosion resistance and…

How about China Sheet Metal?

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China has a significant sheet metal industry, and China sheet metal manufacturers produce a wide range of sheet metal products for both domestic and international markets. The quality of sheet metal produced in China can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of material used, and the production process. China sheet metal manufacturers can offer…