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Requirements for painting and welding

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Painting requirements Rust, scale, grease, dust, soil, salt and dirt must be removed from the surface of all steel parts to be painted before painting.   Before derusting, remove grease and dirt on the surface of steel parts with organic solvent, alkali liquor, emulsifier and steam.   The time interval between the surface to be…

Process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for assembly

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According to the specified technical requirements, the process of matching and connecting parts or components to make them into semi-finished products or finished products(finished sheet metal brackets) is called assembly.   In the manufacturing process(sheet metal manufacturer), in order to reduce the error, the following process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for…

What is surface treatment?Why should surface treatment be carried out?

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1)What is surface treatment? Surface treatment: change the shape, chemical composition and organizational structure of the product surface and near surface area by the most economical and effective method, effectively improve and improve the decorative performance(Decorative sheet metal cabinet), corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product, and prolong the service life of the product.…