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Bending problems to be considered in sheet metal design

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The design needs to consider what is processing before forming and what is processing after forming. Considering that in the process of work production, some holes must be bent first and then processed: round holes, square holes, waist round holes, threads, etc. close to the bending edge need to be processed during blanking. If the…

Analysis on the current situation of sheet metal processing industry in China

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R & D status with the development of industrial manufacturing technology and electronic information technology, the technical requirements for sheet metal processing products are also increasing. From 2011 to 2017, the number of patent applications in China’s sheet metal processing industry increased year by year; In 2014, the number of industrial patent applications reached the…

Process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for assembly

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According to the specified technical requirements, the process of matching and connecting parts or components to make them into semi-finished products or finished products(finished sheet metal brackets) is called assembly.   In the manufacturing process(sheet metal manufacturer), in order to reduce the error, the following process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for…